Energy and Intuitive Sessions

Public Speaking, Artists, Businesses and Spaces

Quantum physics energy shifts people, perspectives and spaces to clear and reset everything back to a pristine condition.

After all, you wouldn’t just shower once in your life or clean your home, office or business just once. Everyone needs to maintain themselves and their spaces.

My work is customized for each client. I create a session or program just for you.

Energy to close contracts

It was 2 days before the end of the month and my sales region only had in $200,000 towards my quota. With my sales stalled and the pressure of meeting the corporate goal, I turned to Lynne to improve my results. It was the end of the quarter, too, and I needed to catch up in my year to date revenue plan. She worked on the energy around the 7 deals, prospects, and my Account Executives to ensure a prosperous outcome. Lynne told me ahead of time which sales opportunities would and would not close. And she was right!
All the deals but one closed and my sales rose by an additional $630,000!!
I highly recommend working with Lynne to increase your business. It’s definitely an INSIDE Edge that I will be using each month in order to ensure my success.
The Return On Investment is unbeatable!! So, I keep Lynne on retainer and month after month she’s closed $600k and another $250k in sales. That’s a whopping $1.4Million in sales for me!
I highly recommend working with Lynne to increase your business. It’s definitely an inside edge that I will be using each month in order to ensure my success.


Information Technology Sales Director

Energy for Spaces

Businesses, Realtors and Individual Homes
Have you ever walked into a business or home to buy and immediately think, ‘this just doesn’t feel right?

That’s why businesses, realtors and individuals bring me in to clear the energy of their spaces so they can be more productive, creative and profitable. Energy is transferred between things and spaces, just as it is between people. Clearing the energy of a space can remove blocks and create a state of positive flow. 

You may think your space already feels good.  All things are relative. You become used to what you’re feeling and that becomes your normal, but you may be able to feel even better.

Clients tell me that after I clear their spaces they have clearer thought processes, better sleep, a greater sense of ease and flow, and an increase in friendship, community, love and happiness. Business clients report an in increase in revenue, happier clients and employees and greater productivity.

For Businesses

For businesses, I can clear the space and clear the employees’ energy so everything and everyone are working optimally and harmoniously for conflict resolution.

Energy can also be done on deals that are stuck and can’t seem to close.

Benefits Achieved are:

  • Greater increase in business and contracts
  • Increased revenue and happier clients
  • Clearer thought processes
  • Greater sense of ease and flow
  • Happier employees
  • Improved presence of being of people who work there and people who come or do business there

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For Realtors

Many realtors report when bringing clients into homes the first thing they may say is, “It just doesn’t feel right. I don’t need to see anymore.”

How many times have you experienced this scenario? A property, for some unforeseen reason, just won’t sell.

People can actually sense the energy, just as you can sense someone starring at you. Maybe it’s because there was a divorce, a death or other event that took place.

It doesn’t need to stay that way.

Lynne works with realtors to clear spaces of homes so they can sell them more quickly, which leads to more expedient revenue for agents and settling for clients.

Energy clearing programs can be for one home or discounted in a bundled package of multiple properties.
Fees are per square footage. Dependent upon geography travel fees may apply.

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Stage fright? Can’t stay focused?

Lynne puts clients into an energy state that relieves nervousness and worry, and inserts elements into their energy to give them laser-like focus, and to be precise, and stay on point, with calm, centered energy.

Benefits Include to:

• Relieve nervousness and worry
• Provide laser-like focus, precision, calm and balanced
• Energy provided just before you walk on stage (15- 60 minute durations)
• Customized choice of what is inserted into the energy

Energy for public speaking

I worked with Lynne and she is amazing. I had scheduled sessions with her just before 2 very important presentations. With so much on the line with each presentation, of course I was very nervous, on edge and my brain felt very scattered. But within moments of being on the phone with Lynne, I felt centered. She shifted my energy in such a remarkable way that all I felt, during the presentation, was focused, clarity and conviction. It worked! I made $15,000 in sales from the two presentations. Thank you Lynne! I will definitely be coming back. Meredith Hill: Healing Testimonial

GIFTED Travel Network Travel Institute

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Energy work for artists and entertainment productions

Feeling creatively stuck? Looking to up-level?

Lynne works with artists and productions to clear energy of individuals and spaces.

Benefits achieved are to:

• Clear artistic and writers’ block
• Increase productivity, harmony and creativity
• Achieve a sense of laser-like focus, precision, calm and centeredness
• Step out of character with ease
• Feel more like you when leaving the set

Lynne, you rock! That 5 minute “energy boost” you gave me yesterday before I sat down to write my book gave me so much clarity and focus. I got really clear about the thing stopping me from going full throttle with writing. And it lasted over 2 hours. Thanks a million. :)”

Fabienne Fredrickson: Healing Testimonial

Founder and Owner, Client Attraction Founder and Owner, Bold Heart

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