Individual Sessions

Whether you want to heal your heart, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body, know your purpose, shift and up-level your career, gain business and financial abundance, Lynne opens the portal and provides to you the pure Divine Source energy for you to do so.

Energy shifting has no limits and can be used for virtually any issue you may have. Clients have successfully benefited from removing writers block, increasing and closing sales revenue, speaking from stage calmly with laser-like precision, shifting physical space in homes to sell more quickly and in your physical business space to increase abundance.  Shifting physical space energy in offered in person and under a different service. See the testimonials page.

For life and energy transformation, shifting your energetic frequency vibration is essential.

Lynne has worked with many people remotely from all areas of the globe to heal, transform and provide life changing growth and abundance to them.

Healing Core Wounds- a clients’ experience.

“I greatly benefited from my two private sessions with Lynne. My individual sessions were very profound. Lynne is generous with her time, very gifted mystically and works diligently to clear out old patterns from this lifetime as well as previous lifetimes. These are the patterns that block us from making progress with our lives. As I released old patterns I discovered new approaches to finding more joy and peace. During my first session with her I wept profusely as I released obstacles from an earlier part of this lifetime. This session had much to do with forgiving and accepting forgiveness throughout my life. During the second session I released much anger and competitiveness. Throughout the sessions Lynne talks for a while, and then gets very quiet to provide the healing energy. During this time (and this was a telephone session), I saw a giant Lynne, like a huge archangel hovering over me, running energy throughout my body releasing core wounds, and moving out unnecessary energy. I actually felt her touch me. We talked again and she discussed and made suggestions for positive behavior changes. After the session, when I laid on the bed for a few minutes, my cervical vertebrae quickly snapped into alignment. I released stagnant energy for a few hours and consequently felt very energetic, slept well, and awakened well rested.” ~ Claire, NY

Lynne helps people access the truth that lies within them, through the energy she sends, so they have a deep inner knowing. You are born with all your answers in your soul.  Most people do not know how to achieve a deep energetic state and connection with the Divine to access them.  My gifts as a Master Energy Healer and Intuitive open that gateway portal for you.

The Universe responds to your vibration.  What is your vibration sending that is blocking your life’s desires and abundance?

Learned life purpose, revealed core wounds and experienced a vibrational energetic shift- client experience.

“For the first time in my life I felt completely at ease with a therapist. I felt her questions to me were direct, yet not intrusive or aggressive. And I was free to admit without any shame and with honesty that I didn’t know the answers. I was at times confused, at times I could not feel much, I also felt detached in some moments, but she was so prompted to channel the true answers to the fundamental questions she was asking to me, that not only I know now which my core wounds are (abandonment, rejection, impossibility to belong) but for the first time I can take my confusion and detachment like something that can be resolved, by healing my core wounds. She repeated several times to me “you’re not a mistake” “there are no mistakes in the creation”… I so needed to hear that…

And she did 3 healings during our session, going well beyond the time scheduled.
I now also know my life purpose, regarding which I was not able to link the dots so far: some people need to have a physical image of their personal angel and guides, I’m able to see and feel him/her/them and convey all that on an image, on a canvas.
We took some time for me to look at and perceive my angels and guides…I now think back at occasions in my past where I was led to see for myself ‘things’ and all I could see was total black. I was left in despair. This time, all was black at the beginning, but I quickly saw doors opening, immense light coming in, I felt a crowd of presences of light for me, I could see details of my guardian angel.” ~ Giovanna Bonito, Italy

Release dark energy and blocks; heal physical and emotional blocks ~ Clients review

“My experience was so vivid. I highly recommend Lynne Brodie’s awesome gifts to help you release dark energy and unwanted blocks that are liberating. Lynne’s energetic field is so strong; she made it easy for me to connect even on the first session. I had an amazing and unique experience that will change my life forever. 


Some of the highlights of my session are listed below: 

  • 1st energy instillations: I felt tingly all over and felt a release in my chest, heart and stomach. I felt more at ease and the anxiety was gone.  I saw green colors and felt a release in my heart.
  • 2nd energy instillation: I felt tingly, much lighter and more grounded. I saw a white light where I could see things being released in layers off of me. I had a neck injury and now could no longer feel the pain of it. 
  • 3rd energy instillation: I saw many different colors, green, yellow, a darkness then white. In the darkness I felt like I was floating and releasing, then I saw the white light. My arms, hands, legs and feet were tingling.  It felt like something was stuck in my stomach (solar plexus area- self worth/personal power area) and then it released into the darkness. 

I can’t wait to work with Lynne again.” ~ Carmen, CA

With the support of the energy, Lynne helps people access the intuition and energy-shifting abilities we’re all born with, but that most people have been educated away from. Tools are provided to help people learn to calm and center the body and mind, quiet the chatter in their minds, and access their inner guidance and creativity. Lynne’s work is a combination of her innate abilities, years of work to get the wisdom around how to use them, and her practical experience achieving success in the business world and coaching others. Each session is unique and customized.

*Note: Energy work should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.

For a Life and Energy Transformation, register for a private, individual 60-minute phone session.  

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