Daily Energy
(Audio) – $98

Available anytime you want!! Receive powerful Divine Golden Energy in this downloadable MP3 to support you throughout 2018. Use it at your leisure on your own time daily, weekly, monthly or even several times a day. This powerfully guided energy will cleanse your stuck energy in your 12 chakras, heal your 12 chakras and ignite your Divine Light Cord. As a result, by working continually on your energy you will raise your vibration. Your elevated aura you now emit out to the world will support you in manifesting the life you desire. The Universe responds to your vibration. As a bonus, let your pets listen in for them to receive the healing energy too!

Individual Private Sessions
(60 Minutes)- $197

A 60-minute private guided energy session with Lynne. Reveal and begin to heal the layers of your Core Wounds, cleanse, release and heal your chakras. To ascend to the 4th, 5th or higher level dimensions, it is essential to release and heal Core Wounds. These private sessions support you in your path to do so. The choice is always up to you how to use your private sessions.

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Discover The Key to Releasing Your Souls Ancient Wealth Code

“You’ve tried everything, but abundance still eludes you.

Sound familiar?

Is your frequency not allowing your abundance to flow?

Let’s retune your frequency to abundance by you discovering how to harness the power of your ancient wealth codes.

People around the world have experienced amazing shifts in wealth, in all aspects of life, with Lynne’s work.

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Scattered NO More: $98

SCATTERED NO MORE: GETTING YOU FROM SCATTERED TO FOCUSED (Includes Audio’s, Workbook with exercises and audio transcripts)

A Guide For Healers, Coaches, Speakers and YOU!

A Set of 6 Guided Audio’s in the Series.

Lynne Brodie’s audio series is an in-depth guide that provides you with the keys

for the doorway to your Personal Power: Heart Wisdom. Through proven steps

that will unlock the doorway to your personal power, you’ll learn how to Master

your most prized asset. In doing so, you’ll not only grow yourself, but

exponentially catapult your business to its Peak Potential!  See more details here

Core Heart Wound Program: A private session guided energy and coaching program.

Get to the Heart of the Matter with Lynne Brodie.   After all, it affects everything.  

What’s really stopping you from letting the world and your flow in again?  

What was that deep wound that you carry, but has been elusive?

What haven’t you been able to fully release?  

Since it’s in your blind spot you really don’t know.  

For Life & Energy Transformation

Unveil and Release Your Core Heart Wound that’s Blocking Your Flow!

The Golden Divine Light Bath Opens the Portal to Your Inner Heart & Soul

In your customized transformational program, based upon your specific needs and Divine Council guidance, this program offers life-changing results.

60 Day Program Receive (4) 60 minute private sessions :

You’ll receive a FULL Four (4) hours in this program to clear, cleanse and keep your energy in pristine condition. For FULL details click here