Unblock your heart flow

Your heart is your castle. It’s kept safe by your moat. You keep it safer still by pulling up your drawbridge. But…have you blocked your flow?

Open the Portal to Your Heart & Soul’s Wisdom.
Unveil and release your core heart wound that is blocking your flow.

Have you experienced a deep hurt and find it difficult to open your heart again?

Do you find it difficult to trust and welcome others in to your inner heart?

You may be thinking you don’t have this issue, but that’s because we are all in our own blind spot. Everyone needs a guide to help them see their way through. If you feel certain areas of life have been elusive and something is always evading you, then this program is for you.

Get to the Heart of the Matter with Lynne Brodie.   After all, it affects everything.  

What’s really stopping you from letting the world and your flow in again?  

What was that deep wound that you carry, but has been elusive?

What haven’t you been able to fully release?  

Since it’s in your blind spot you really don’t know.  


Your Core Wound affects all areas of your life: health, flow of abundance, career, and all your life blocks including relationships.

It is the key that you have been searching for.  

You’ve worked on your physical and mental bodies; have done personal development work and wonder why you can’t catapult forward.  It’s your energetic body and your Core Wound that is stuck in very specific chakras and energy centers.  It’s the last inch, foot, mile to all you seek. 

We’ll do deep work with the trilogy connection of the:

Heart chakra for your heart wisdom and balance your flow to receive.

  • Become calm and relaxed
  • Release being triggered by others.
  • Stop and limit mind chatter.
  • Trust others again.
  • Heal and open your heart flow to manifest the life you desire.
  • Clearing limiting beliefs

Solar Plexus chakra for your personal power, self worth and self-esteem.

  • Reclaim your personal power.
  • Feel confident and exude confidence.
  • Feel courageous and creative.
  • Gain an affirmed sense of self.
  • Build strong self-esteem and feel worthy.
  • Stop second-guessing yourself.
  • No longer need others approval.

Throat chakra to find your voice and express who you are to the world.

  • Previous suppressed communication will be whisked away.
  • You’ll be come the communicator you always wished you were.
  • You will have a clear sense of self.
  • You’ll know and believe that expressing your truth is your key to individuality

Ascended Master Healer, Psychic Empath, clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are the gifts of Lynne Brodie’s high vibration.  

As a multi-dimensional energy expert, Lynne, as a portal for Source Energy, flows the intuitive intelligent energy to you. This energy transmutes the intelligence into a manifested delivery of the life you desire.

Everything is energy.

While Lynne’s Gifts are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional her core Gift and Purpose is to heal the Core Wounds of your Heart.  Whether those deep wounds are from childhood or past lives, Lynne goes deep into the recesses of your heart to unveil and release what blocks your flow; something she has known how to do since childhood.

As a portal for the Divine Golden Light, she unveils your core wound, works with you to release the wound, heal your heart and open your flow to all areas of abundance in your life as an instrument for highest good or something better.

Rocket Fuel for Heart Healing

I felt that Lynne Brodie’s interview was speaking directly to me. I related so much and also felt her presence strongly in my field during her meditation that followed that I knew I wanted to work with her. I knew she was doing what she said she was doing to each of my chakras, as I felt it very distinctly. I also purchased Lynne’s Global Healing Calls with an introductory 45 minute individual session. Lynne’s group Global Healing CRocket alls and replays are very supportive and uplifting. I was so pleased with my first very powerful and productive individual session, that I purchased her 60 day Core Heart Wound Program. As I write, I’ve purchased more individual sessions with Lynne and have completed 3 of the 4 Core Heart individual healing sessions. The individual sessions with Lynne are very powerful, uplifting and healing! They’re like rocket fuel for heart healing! Although I’m doing much healing work in addition to my work with Lynne, I believe the energy she brings has been instrumental in the removal of most of the energetic armour that I’ve lived with since I was a girl, over my heart, shoulders, chest and back (I’m 50 now). I highly recommend Lynne’s work! She is truly a heart healer!

Cathy, NY

60-Day Heart Sage Program: Unveil and
Release your Core Heart Wound

For Life & Energy Transformation

Unveil and Release Your Core Heart Wound that’s Blocking Your Flow!

The Golden Divine Light Bath Opens the Portal to Your Inner Heart & Soul

In your customized transformational program, based upon your specific needs and Divine Council guidance, this program offers life-changing results.

You’ll receive a FULL Four (4) hours in this program to clear, cleanse and keep your energy in pristine condition.

    • Bi-Monthly 60-minute sessions for two (2) consecutive months to release heartache to emerge unburdened and ascended.
    • Guided sessions to finally unveil and release core wounds.
    • Unblock your flow once and for all.
    • Deep energy healing for your heart and soul at a cellular and DNA level.

We’ll do deep work with the trilogy connection of the:

        • Heart chakra for your heart wisdom.
        • Solar Plexus chakra for your personal power and self-esteem.
        • Throat chakra to find your voice.
  • Receive, in each session, the intuitive intelligent energy of the Golden Divine Light Bath that opens the portal to your inner heart & soul.
  • Full chakra alignment.
  • Learn and activate your life purpose and/or up level it.
  • Shift your consciousness.
  • Remove negative energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
  • Create new money flow though unforeseen paths and gifts.
  • Create harmonic relationships, community and tribe.
  • Learn tools for you to use in your daily life to keep your energy to yourself so others won’t drain you.
  • Learn tools for you to use in your daily life to remove negative energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
  • Keep your pets nearby to heal them from disease too.

      Program fee $647


      One Time Payment 

      2 Payments of $339.67

      Unblock your flow.  

      Open your heart to the joy again.