Workshops & Retreats

Live Workshops

Lynne Brodie offers her Divine Gifts of ancient techniques as an Ascended Masters energy healer, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and empath in workshops.

Whether you want to heal your heart or physical body, know your purpose, shift and up-level your career, gain business and financial abundance, Lynne opens the portal for you to do so.

Lynne helps people access the truth that lies within them, through the healing energy, so they have a deep inner knowing.

The healing workshops are on various topics. Sign up for the newsletter to recieve the monthly events calendar.

• Heal, transform and grow

• Heal physical disease, your heart and soul

• Learn your purpose

• Up-level your career

• Achieve Better sleep

• Greater sense of ease and flow

• Inner peace and harmony

• Relieve nervousness and worry

• Become calm, feel more centered and balanced

• Clearer thought processes and a laser-like focus

• Increase in friendships, community, love and happiness

Workshops offered are:

• Public workshops, typically smaller groups, are two hours

• Custom workshops for special events and participant sizes are flexible. Length of workshop is custom.


• Public workshops are by event and fees will be listed on the registration.

• Custom workshops are dependent upon participant size, length and location. Travel, food and lodging expenses are additional.

*Note: Energy work should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment.

Heal Disease & Physical Pain

I have known Lynne for many years. Two years ago, I had been suffering with a lot of pain from a herniated disc. Lynne used her talent and strength to assist the healing process in my back. I have never experienced anything so powerful or amazing. Lynne’s concentration on my pain actually made it leave my body. I could feel a warm and tingly sensation in my back as it was happening, thendown my arms and through my hands to hers. I remember feeling immediately really relief from the pain and have been virtually pain-free since that day! I don’t know how to explain it other than for my personal experience. Lynne truly has a unique gift! Lisa: Healing Testimonial

Northern V.A.

Follow Your Soul. It Knows the Way


Lynne offers global retreats at both spiritually high vibrational sacred sites and interesting places.

The retreats are a trilogy of:

✔ Cultural expedition

✔ Workshops for personal development to heal, transform and grow

✔ Energy work for the group or an individual option

Examples of locations range from Sedona to the Earths Chakra’s.

Benefits of the retreats are:

▶ Heal, transform and grow
▶ Achieve calm inner balance
▶ Clarity, focus and results
▶ Meet with your tribe; lasting friendships
▶ Culturally interesting people, places and cuisine
▶ Be attuned by the Earths Chakras

Check back often and sign up for the monthly newsletter to stay informed of upcoming retreats.

To set up a custom retreat or learn more about what’s on the horizon

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