Unblock your heart flow

Discover the Keys to Releasing Your Souls Ancient Wealth Codes.

You’ve tried everything, but abundance still eludes you.

Sound familiar?

Is your frequency not allowing your abundance to flow?

Let’s retune your frequency to abundance by you discovering how to harness the power of your ancient wealth codes.

People around the world have experienced amazing shifts in wealth, in all aspects of life, with Lynne’s work.

Release dark energy and blocks; heal physical and emotional blocks

“My experience was so vivid. I highly recommend Lynne Brodie’s awesome gifts to help you release dark energy and unwanted blocks that are liberating. Lynne’s energetic field is so strong; she made it easy for me to connect even on the first session. I had an amazing and unique experience that will change my life forever.
Some of the highlights of my session are listed below:
1st energy instillations: I felt tingly all over and felt a release in my chest, heart and stomach. I felt more at ease and the anxiety was gone. I saw green colors and felt a release in my heart.
2nd energy instillation: I felt tingly, much lighter and more grounded. I saw a white light where I could see things being released in layers off of me. I had a neck injury and now could no longer feel the pain of it. 3rd energy instillation: I saw many different colors, green, yellow, a darkness then white. In the darkness I felt like I was floating and releasing, then I saw the white light. My arms, hands, legs and feet were tingling. It felt like something was stuck in my stomach (solar plexus area- self worth/personal power area) and then it released into the darkness. I can’t wait to work with Lynne again.”

Carmen, CA

These Abundance results can be yours too:

  • Heart Healing
  • Financial Expansion
  • Release Core Wound
  • Career Growth
  • Calm, relaxed, assured
  • Increased Productivity
  • Reclaim your Personal Power
  • Stop Second Guessing
  • Find your voice to freely communicate
  • No longer need approval of others
  • Feel Worthy
  • Clear limiting beliefs
  • Build strong self esteem
  • Gain an affirmed sense of self
  • Feel Confident
  • Abundance in Relationships
  • Clear sense of self
  • Healing Health and Wellness


As you achieve these results, you also shift your vibration and tune into your Soul’s Wealth Codes.

Wealth is more than financial bounty.  It is a state of being.

It is the ability to manifest all things you desire.

This private individualized custom program provides you the trinity that reveals and releases your Souls Ancient Wealth Codes.

It all starts with your core wounds imprinted on your soul from your spiritual contract. Maybe it is your lesson in this lifetime or maybe you brought it forth from previous ones.

The Trinity solves the mystic puzzle of your heart and soul and releases it into your essence to shift your vibration.

You’ll receive in this
3-month program:

  • (12) One hour private guided energy sessions with Lynne.  The sessions are scheduled every week over the 3-month period.  
  • Annual Membership into the monthly Global Healing Calls
  • Daily Energy Audio Mp3
  • Scattered No More program: The keys to the doorway of your personal power. A 6 audio mp3 set with workbook.
Rocket Fuel for Heart Healing

“I felt that Lynne Brodie’s interview was speaking directly to me. I related so much and also felt her presence strongly in my field during her meditation that followed that I knew I wanted to work with her. I knew she was doing what she said she was doing to each of my chakras, as I felt it very distinctly. I also purchased Lynne’s Global Healing Calls with an introductory 45 minute individual session. Lynne’s group Global Healing calls and replays are very supportive and uplifting. I was so pleased with my first very powerful and productive individual session, that I purchased her 60 day Core Heart Wound Program. As I write, I’ve purchased more individual sessions with Lynne and have completed 3 of the 4 Core Heart individual healing sessions. The individual sessions with Lynne are very powerful, uplifting and healing! They’re like rocket fuel for heart healing! Although I’m doing much healing work in addition to my work with Lynne, I believe the energy she brings has been instrumental in the removal of most of the energetic armour that I’ve lived with since I was a girl, over my heart, shoulders, chest and back (I’m 50 now). I highly recommend Lynne’s work! She is truly a heart healer!”

Cathy, NY

The LIVE session component details:

1. Core Wound(s): We’ll go deep to reveal and release your Core Wound layer by deeply embedded layer.  The 12th dimensional Golden Energy heals your past and present, your energy centers and your aura. You’ll shift your vibration enabling you to shed wounds and ascend.  Read more here.

Benefits of releasing and healing core wounds:

  • Become calm and relaxed
  • Release being triggered by others.
  • Stop and limit mind chatter.
  • Trust others again.
  • Heal and open your heart flow to manifest the life you desire.
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
  • Remove negative energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and bodies.
  • Create new money flow though unforeseen paths and gifts.
  • Create harmonic relationships, community and tribe.

You will:

  • Receive the Intuitive Intelligent Energy of the Golden Divine Light Bath to activate your Divine light cord and opens the portal to your Heart & Soul.
  • Finally, unveil and become aware of that elusive Core Wound.
  • Release and heal your Core Wound.
  • Learn how it blocks your flow.
  • Cleanse, heal and align your energy centers.
  • Radiate out love and attraction through your aura’s vibration.
  • Healing at a cellular and DNA level and tools to do so daily.
  • Learn and activate your life purpose and/or up level it.
  • Shift your consciousness.
  • Heal dis-ease and disease
  • Learn tools for you to use in your daily life to keep your energy to yourself so others can’t drain you.
  • Learn tools for you to use in your daily life to remove negative energy from your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

2. Sovereignty: As you release and heal your Core Wound it will enable to reclaim your Sovereignty. We’ll spend this segment focusing on you reclaiming your Personal Power and what stands in the way of you having strong self worth and the voice to tell the world who you really are. The blocks come tumbling down.

These guided energy sessions open the door to your Soul for you to step through and find all the answers you were born with, but have been just out of reach.


  • Reclaim your personal power.
  • Feel confident and exude confidence.
  • Feel courageous and creative.
  • Gain an affirmed sense of self.
  • Build strong self-esteem and feel worthy.
  • Stop second-guessing yourself.
  • No longer need others approval.
  • Leave procrastination and indecision behind.
  • Become more productive and results oriented.
  • Meet goals with ease.

3. Surrender: The most challenging of the trinity without a mentor to guide the way. We’re all in our own blind spots. With a strong foundation of no longer being triggered by your Core Wound and having reclaimed your Personal Power we’ll work on your throat chakra.

  • We’ll clear the blockages in your throat chakra suppressing your voice.
  • Previous suppressed communication will be whisked away.
  • You’ll be come the communicator you always wished you were.
  • You will have a clear sense of self.
  • You’ll know and believe that expressing your truth is your key to individuality.
  • You will freely surrender to all that you are.
  • You’ll attract the right people and relationships into your life.
  • Improve current relationships or let them easily fall away.

You’ll receive the Keys to Your Souls Ancient Wealth Codes!

Details of the additional BONUS products and services:

1. Annual Membership into the monthly Global Healing Calls:
Global Healing Movement by healing yourself first. Be apart of the ripple effect to the world around you. Receive membership in 12 Divine Golden Energy Healing calls. On the first Tuesday of each month, pure Divine Source healing energy will be sent out around the globe to those registered members on a LIVE call for 30 minutes with REPLAYS. Read more by clicking here. 

2. Daily Energy Audio Mp3: 12 Chakra/Aura Energy clearing and healing to listen to whenever you wish. Read more here.

3. Scattered No More program:  The keys to the doorway of your personal power. A 6 audio mp3 set with workbook. Read more here.

The Universe responds to your vibration. What is your vibration sending that is blocking your life’s wealth, desires and abundance?

The Key to Releasing Your Souls Ancient Wealth Code

  1. To receive the 3 month program private program of:
    (12) One hour private guided remote energy sessions with Lynne. 
  2. Annual Membership into the monthly Global Healing Calls 
  3. Daily Energy Audio Mp3
  4. Scattered No More program

Infinite Supply of Energy Abundance is YOUR Divine Right. Harness it NOW!

If you feel this program is for you, click the button to schedule a complimentary 30 minute consult with Lynne to discuss.