Whether you want to heal your heart or physical body, know your purpose, shift and up-level your career, gain business and financial abundance, Lynne opens the portal for you to do so.

 As a multi-dimensional energy expert, Lynne, as a portal for Source Energy, flows the intuitive intelligent energy to you. This energy transmutes the intelligence into a manifested delivery of the life you desire.

Everything is energy.

Specializing in remote energy sessions globally, she offers the energy to bring all aspects of your life to peak potential. 

Clients report limitless benefits to all aspects of their life.  You can also:

  • Heal your heart, soul, physical pain and body
  • Clear artistic and writers’ block
  • Sell homes quicker
  • Increase in business
  • Laser-like focus, precision, calm and centeredness
    • Increased self-awareness to succeed
    • Increased productivity, harmony and creativity
    • Immediately feel lighter and sleep better
    • Relieve nervousness and worry
    • Accelerate the sales process and closing of business contracts

      Client Review

      Lynne clears Baeth Davis: Romance Blocks Business $$ Flow.

      For Authors-On Writers' Block

      “Lynne, you rock! That 5 minute “energy boost” you gave me yesterday before I sat down to write my book gave me so much clarity and focus. I got really clear about the thing stopping me from going full throttle with writing.
      And it lasted over 2 hours. Thanks a million. :)”

      Fabienne Fredrickson
      Founder and Owner, Client Attraction
      Founder and Owner, Bold Heart

      For Pets

      “Oh, Lynne, thank you for saving my life!  I was in bad shape, and I thought it was the end, 2 vets did too!  But my people wanted to do everything to help me, and asked that you work with me. And did you!  I felt better and better each day until I was past the crisis, 2 short days, and after that time, a 3rd vet announced I certainly was not ready to go anywhere except my food bowl!  The vets now call me the Miracle Cat!!!    Puuurrr!!!”


      For Healing Physical Pain and Disease

      “I have known Lynne for many years. Two years ago, I had been suffering with a lot of pain from a herniated disc. Lynne used her talent and strength to assist the healing process in my back. I have never experienced anything so powerful or amazing. Lynne’s concentration on my pain actually made it leave my body. I could feel a warm and tingly sensation in my back as it was happening, thendown my arms and through my hands to hers. I remember feeling immediately really relief from the pain and have been virtually pain-free since that day! I don’t know how to explain it other than for my personal experience. Lynne truly has a unique gift!”

      Lisa: Healing Testimonial
      Northern V.A.

      To Heal, Transform and Grow

      Call 703-298-2003 Or email consult@lynnebrodie.com

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