Intercultural Flow Retreat Options:

When shifting the culture of your company, change starts from the top and it trickles down to your individual team members. A large portion of this shift is an inside job.

Flow Retreats are customized to maximize the efficiency of your team while reinforcing the mission of your organization. Bringing the team offsite eliminates distractions and releases any stuck energy that has been bottlenecking progress.

These experiences bring everything into alignment especially when inventing new products and services, working on concepts for a new ad campaign, uncovering the right coding or formula to move your business forward or embarking on completely new territory.

Choose from Interconnected Flow Retreats and Intercultural Flow Retreats customized and led by Lynne Brodie.

Interconnected Flow Retreats (IF):

Re-energizing teams often requires a change of scenery and 3 to 4 day off-site, focused immersion is essential to increased productivity and flow. Interconnected Flow retreats are ideal for sales, innovation, and development teams.

What you can expect:

▶ One-of-a- kind, 3 to 4 day, full immersion retreat experiences realign your team to fully embrace ways to enhance the triple bottom line.

▶ Each day your team experiences morning and afternoon Interconnected Flow team workshops. Be prepared to ignite curiosity, spark new levels of genius, and expand the way your team thinks and operates as a cohesive unit. Group sessions are typically 90 minutes with integration time built in after each session.

▶ Confidential Individual Flow sessions are scheduled for each team member throughout the weekend or designated weekdays. Sessions are 60 minutes. This customized time enhances individual flow and gives team members the reward of personal time and space to reconnect with their elusive, highest genius.

*(Retreats are completely customized and can include 3 to 4 day experiences on location to include nature excursions, humanitarian elements, and more).

Intercultural Flow Experiences (IF): People, Planet and Philanthropy

Intercultural experiences are powerful, week long, international or domestic adventures that include an elevated focus on humanitarian causes and volunteering. These experiences are specifically designed by Lynne Brodie to reignite passion, interconnectedness, and allow space for focused immersion.

For example, once your team flow is activated, if you choose a South Africa experience you might enjoy an African Safari or a hike to Table Mountain and the wine country. Volunteer activities could include helping build huts for villages, carrying water from the lake, and participating in educating local children or teaching new skills to community members.

The destination is your choice and Lynne works with the travel department within your company to leverage your already established buying power with lodging, travel, and insurance programs. As an option, LBI also has travel alliances that can be leveraged to help develop your travel and local experiences.

What you can expect:

▶ Full team alignment with your company mission and goals. For 3 days we’ll focus on morning and afternoon Interconnected Flow team workshops. Plus, each team member receives a confidential Individual Flow session. Team sessions are 90 minutes, individual sessions are 60 minutes, and there are built in integration times after the sessions. This brings everyone together, individually and collectively, to prepare for cultural expansion and supporting the philanthropic cause of choice.

▶ Cultural immersion in the global location of your choice. This is where we adventure into the local terrain to experience the true flavor of our destination. We spend two days fully embracing our newly activated flow to learn and grow by meeting new people, seeing historical and sacred sites and strengthening team bonds.

▶ Volunteering to support philanthropic and humanitarian causes. On the final 2 days of your Intercultural Flow Experience we roll up our sleeves and get things done. We’ll spend time and sweat equity making a difference for the cause of your choice. This could be an organization your company is already connected to or a new venture selected from a carefully vetted list of triple bottom line causes.

Additionally, LBI partners with Pack for a Purpose, a non-profit dedicated to making a difference around the world by using the small amount of available space in your luggage to bring and provide supplies to the communities you visit. Small Space. Little Effort. Big Impact.


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