Think Tank

Brain Trust Society – A Think Tank

Blue brain collage imageThe Brain Trust Society is an idea factory for members seeking a think tank that utilizes the Flow Zone for tapping into your inner genius to invent new products and service solutions for your clients and world problems.  Accelerate the time to market to move your clients and the world forward while achieving new revenue streams.

The Brain Trust Society is a membership for high-level leaders.  It is based upon confidentiality, trust, values, non-disclosure and ethical non-compete for all inventions achieved.

Lynne Brodie leads the group to peak innovation entering you into your Flow State.

Lynne Brodie International, light bulb & ideas surrounding manPeak innovation is conceived, achieved and delivered when you tap into your inner genius and the inner genius of the collective group to invent new products and services that support both your business model and world issues. This is the road to conscious capitalism

Thought Leadership has evolved to new heights in conscious capitalism where the business model is…

People + Planet = Profits

Download the Top 11 Benefits of Flow to learn more here. 

Annual membership inquiries can be made to join or form a group.
The Brain Trust Society is also available for exclusivity for your organization only by contacting Lynne.