Lynne Activates the Flow State for Full Brain Access

Release Writers’ Block: Flow to Increase Clarity, Focus and Innovation

Lynne, you rock! That 5 minute “energy boost” you gave me yesterday before I sat down to write my book gave me so much clarity and focus. I got really clear about the thing stopping me from going full throttle with writing. And it lasted over 2 hours. Thanks a million. 🙂

Fabienne Fredrickson

Founder and Owner, Client Attraction Founder and Owner, Bold Heart

Visibility in MEDIA

Lynne Brodie is the artist who paints a picture for her clients of their innermost soul desire and shows them how to step into the art to live it as their life’s reality. Working with Lynne is like manifesting a vision board on steroids.

Debbi Dachinger

Visibility in MEDIA Creating - Books, Bestsellers & Interviews Award winning, Syndicated Radio / Podcast Host International Bestselling Author

Connect with Event Audiences: Get in The Flow Zone for Public Speaking

I worked with Lynne and she is amazing. I had scheduled sessions with her just before 2 very important presentations. With so much on the line with each presentation, of course I was very nervous, on edge and my brain felt very scattered. But within moments of being on the phone with Lynne, I felt centered. She shifted my energy in such a remarkable way that all I felt, during the presentation, was focused, clarity and conviction. It worked! I made $15,000 in sales from the two presentations. Thank you Lynne! I will definitely be coming back.

Meredith Hill

GIFTED Travel Network Travel Institute

Coaching to Success

Lynne has the rare combination of quickly establishing credibility and personal connections with everyone she meets. These talents combined with her expertise in coaching make her a great resource for any business.


Medical Director at NFL Player Benefits

Business Productivity

Lynne’s warm presence put me at ease immediately! She was able to laser in on the issue I was grappling with and probed deeper to find out the source of the problem. After working with Lynn I felt like I had released the negative emotions and felt so much calmer as well as relaxed. The rest of my work day was much more productive thanks to Lynn’s guidance.

I highly recommend setting up a session to experience Lynn’s gift for yourself!

Laurie Forster

The Wine Coach®

Business Pivot to New Heights

Lynne I have to thank you for who you are and the strength and courage you have in your work with your clients and in particular me.

I called you to have coaching in order to increase my own coaching business. Your question about my art project threw me for a loop to say the least. It was not the question I expected and as I had been denying this part of me for the past 30 years it was quite literally like putting salt in an old deep wound. I applaud you for remaining strong in your conviction call after call until I was finally able to see what you were seeing for me. As I allowed this part of me to finally come to the surface, my life, career and art has taken a 90degree turn.

I am now in a new career, which is moving by leaps and bounds. It finally feels as though I am on the path I was always meant to be on.

What a wonderful (albeit difficult) calling you have that you help people see who they are. The world is a better place. And I am lucky to have met you.

I would be happy to have a brief conversation with someone who is considering a program with you.



Lynne Activates Business Revenue Flow for Baeth Davis
Flow Zone for Increased Sales Revenue by Millions

It was 2 days before the end of the month and my sales region only had in $200,000 towards my quota. With my sales stalled and the pressure of meeting the corporate goal, I turned to Lynne to improve my results. It was the end of the quarter, too, and I needed to catch up in my year to date revenue plan. She worked on the energy around the 7 deals, prospects, and my Account Executives to ensure a prosperous outcome. Lynne told me ahead of time which sales opportunities would and would not close. And she was right!

All the deals but one closed and my sales rose by an additional $630,000!!

I highly recommend working with Lynne to increase your business. It’s definitely an INSIDE Edge that I will be using each month in order to ensure my success.

The Return On Investment is unbeatable!! So, I keep Lynne on retainer and month after month she’s closed $600k and another $250k in sales. That’s a whopping $1.4Million in sales for me!

I highly recommend working with Lynne to increase your business. It’s definitely an inside edge that I will be using each month in order to ensure my success.


Information Technology Sales Director - Fortune 1000 Tech Company

Entering the Flow Zone to Connect with Your Center to Close BIG $$ Clients

I recently had an energy session with Lynne Brodie. I have been working for the past month on an African Safari Vacation for a high end client. Because he’s high end, he’s hard to get hold of and nail down the details. I contacted Lynne and asked if she would be kind enough to give me an Energy Session, hoping that this might clear any negativity, nervousness and worry that I had in making this booking become a reality. Of course, I was very nervous about the session because I didn’t really know what to expect. When I got on the phone with Lynne, I was immediately calmed by her loving and gentle voice and found myself in a place of calm and relaxation. I can’t really explain it, but Lynne really got to the core of me and I felt all giddy with excitement, yet I wasn’t an excited teenager. I knew exactly what I needed to say, how to say it and was looking forward to my call. I am happy to say that my whale booked their trip, and I’m most grateful to Lynne for giving me her healing energy. I can’t wait for my next session!

Sandy Salle: Healing Testimonial

CEO, Hills of Africa Travel

Achieving Peak Zones for Career Achievement

I sought Lynne Brodie’s expertise after feeling like I was stuck in recurring negative patterns. My goal was to better understand the situation – namely, what exactly was holding me back – and to learn how I was contributing to the issues I was facing. After working with Lynne for several months, I not only feel lighter emotionally, I feel more confident and powerful. I am building crucial skills to rise above what might be flowing against me in order to reach my peak zone – at work and in my personal life. Since we’ve started working together, colleagues have noticed a positive shift in the way I’m handling stress, and as a result, I have been asked to lead a mentoring initiative focused on stress reduction and achieving work/life balance. I’m grateful for Lynne’s patience and keen insights, as well as her relatable way of coaching me through some difficult situations. I highly recommend working with Lynne when you are ready to tap into the elusive parts inside you that you never could before.


College Professor

Business Transformation

Lynne was fantastic about getting right to the point of some areas that were definitely holding me back in my business – and life. She was right on target and got right to the heart of the matter immediately.

Through her work with me, she helped me not only see where I was preventing fabulous opportunities, experiences, and abundance from coming in, but that I was also not allowing myself to have fun in the process!

Before working with you, I felt extremely stressed out, white-knuckling everything that was going on in and around me, and was not having fun or getting work done efficiently.

After working with Lynne, I was able to release, relax, and reel in clients SOOOOO much easier. What an incredible thing! Thank you Lynn.. I highly suggest her to anyone who simply can’t identify what it is that’s going on in their life or business, but you have a hunch it has to do with simply who you’re being. It was an incredible experience and transformation in my business – and life as a result too!

Natalie Bradley


Ancient Techniques Blend with Modern Intellect

“The path to turning your passions into profit does not only require learning the strategies that will help you do so, it also requires a deep sense of intuitive insight. This is the gift Lynne Brodie offers her clients.

We can all learn the “how to’s” AND we can all develop our own intuitive insight. And to do both of these things well we need teachers and mentors to show us how.

Lynne offers her clients, through her own intuitive awareness, information and validation regarding business development and how to leap over the blocks that are holding them back.

I got to experience Lynne’s work up close and personal and she is the real deal. She expertly and caringly offers a space for her clients to clearly see what they must know and do to attract more clients, more money and more fulfillment.”

Cari Vollmer

Passion Into Profit Mentor

Inner Peace, Balance & Centered

I’m stepping fully into my life purpose and about to launch an event. Although I’m very excited about what lays ahead, there is still some trepidation and nervousness. I turned to Lynne because I wanted help in clarity, self-assurance, tranquility and peace of mind. I left our session feeling a new inner peace and calmness throughout my body. The feeling stayed with me long after the session was over. Since the session I’ve been on fire planning the event. I’m confident the event is going to be a huge success and will attract my ideal audience. I highly recommend Lynne for her magical intuitive nature and the safe space she creates so you can receive positive energy that moves you in the right direction.

Rochelle Togo

Figa, President- The Breakthrough Strategist

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