Interconnected Flow (IF) For Teams:

Top leaders know that teamwork must flow in order for business to grow. Interconnected Flow sessions are designed for teams to unlock full potential and enhance solidarity. These sessions are ideal for sales, development, and innovation teams.

What you can expect:

▶ Activation of flow to maximize productivity and collaboration. Team dynamics are of utmost importance to upholding your company mission, implementing strategy and exceeding goals. Interconnected Flow creates synergy and deepens team connection to achieve better results.

▶ Teams receive group sessions and each team member receives an Individual Flow session. Lynne Brodie co-creates a custom plan with your leadership team to bring a more cohesive and interconnected dynamic to the workplace and important projects. After each group session, team members take personal time to reflect, integrate, and leverage their amplified flow state before reconvening.

▶ Allot 90 minutes for team sessions and 60 minutes for each Individual Flow session. It’s recommended that one hour of integration time is scheduled in after the session when possible. This brings about quicker results by enhancing individual and team intelligence, creation, innovation and productivity of specific project goals.

*(Customized contracts are designed for your organization based on your objectives. It’s recommended that you experience an Individual Flow session prior to contracting Interconnected Flow sessions).


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