Lynne Brodie elevates events as she informs, shifts and delights your conscious audiences, leaders, employees and members with her speaking and optional Flow State for full brain activations from stage.

Lynne has developed her expertise as a speaker from her decades in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur to audiences large and small. She melds together her knowledge in human potential and business, with her humor and energetic gifts to delight audiences around the globe. Using her intuitive abilities she anticipates the audiences every need to create a very special event.

A brief sampling of events and organizations she has delivered presentations for include:

Lynne’s Dynamic Signature Presentations:

Choose from one of Lynne’s signature talks or have her customize an experience for your team, organization or corporate event:

The Sales Compass: The Core of Achieving Repeatable Sales Success

What differentiates a great sales professional from a mediocre one? The key lies in using pull versus push energy. Push sales causes a salesperson to utilize hard-core sales tactics to win the sale and make their quota. Pull sales is about caring about the prospect and engaging them to buy because it is the right solution for them. When a prospect is pushed, it leaves an icky feeling and rarely produces an ongoing relationship. When a customer is pulled, they become a client for life.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

▶ Know your target audience and what to say to engage them.

▶ Build trust and the relationship needed to create a loyal customer for life.

▶ Access bioenergetic techniques to change your presence in a way that pulls prospects to you in less time.

The Soul of Business: How to Let People be who they are to Increase Profits

Managers hire their key players because they believe in their skills, intelligence and talents. But then once those employees are in their roles, they often end up conforming to the rules, procedures and systems in place. It shuts down their creative genius (the thing they were hired for), which causes them to be less productive, less engaged and uninterested. The company then misses out on innovative ideas that could increase the bottom line.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

▶ Align the purpose of the organization with the purpose of the employee so they are driven to produce outstanding results.

▶ Increase employee retention and innovation by allowing their team to express who they are.

▶ Accelerate performance, engagement and profits by unlocking heightened consciousness and emotional intelligence.

The Road to Conscious Capitalism: Access Full Brain Power to Catapult Profits

Achieving peak performance and delivering on your brand promise in an ever-changing environment has become increasingly more challenging. With high pressure in the workplace, stress rises, mistakes happen and productivity slows down. The conscious mind is slow and can only manage a small amount of information at once which is why overwhelm and ‘shutting down’ sets in. The key is to leverage the power of the subconscious mind.

In this presentation, you will learn how to:

▶ Access performance-enhancing neurochemicals to multiply intelligence and dramatically increase productivity while using very little energy.

▶ Move from ‘feeling pulled in all directions’ to having a heightened sense of clarity, purpose and energy.

▶ Shift to a culture and strategy of enhancing insight versus hindsight for increased motivation, creativity, agility and profits.


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