Lynne Brodie informs, shifts, and delights your consciousness audiences, leaders, employees, and memberships in her speaking and energy work from stage.

Lynne has developed her expertise as a speaker from her decades in the corporate world and as an entrepreneur to audiences large and small. She is a fully adept speaker and energy worker from stage, in workshops, conferences and boardrooms. She melds together her knowledge in human potential and business, with her humor and energetic gifts to delight audiences around the globe. Using her intuitive abilities she anticipates the audiences every need to create a very special event.

A brief sampling of events and organizations she has delivered presentations for are:

Presentations offered include:

For business or consciousness events

Scattered No More: Releasing the Frenzy of Fragmentation
Like a pendulum, many people find they are going back and forth from a scattered to a focused state only to return to the stress of being and feeling scattered once again. Are you like so many around the globe who are searching for the answer outside them to releasing the frenzy of fragmentation? Learn the 6-Step Plan to Achieving Focus on Demand. This speech can include energy work to the entire audience as a group.

Speaking topics to transform and grow businesses include:

How Healthy is the Soul of Your Business?
At a time when businesses need to heal, Lynne Brodie steps up and provides her proprietary Rx, Conscious Capitalism. Lynne catapults businesses, organizations and individuals forward with a methodology of performance management that masters The Triple Bottom Line: People, Performance, and Profits!

▶ It’s not ROI if you don’t leverage ROE (Return on Empowerment)
Too many organizations hire leaders for who they are and what they bring to the table, but they can’t seem to achieve the spectacular results envisioned. What is this phenomenon? Learn how to course correct for impactful results! (Energy work optional)

▶ The Soul of Business: Unified Culture with a Unified Purpose
At a time when business at large needs to healed, to measure an organization’s health you only need look at its leaders’ emotional intelligence. (Energy work optional)

▶ The Road to Conscious Capitalism: Business Intelligence to Sustain, Fulfill, and Grow
Achieving peak performance and delivering on your brand promise in an ever-changing environment has become increasingly more challenging. Discover how innovation, creativity, and change can help shift to a culture and strategy of Insight vs. Hindsight. (Energy work optional)

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