Mission & Vision

Mission, Vision & Values

We believe it all begins with YOU. The end result of being in your Flow Zone is a positive focus on people and planet first which generates purposeful profit that results in world good. LBI shifts internal culture to one of inner peace by tapping into the wisdom you were born with. This creates a ripple effect to transform you, your relationships, your teams, your mission, your company, your town, your state, your country, your continent, the World, and the Universe. World good leads to peaceful coexistence and it begins with your peaceful coexistence with your self and others. By blending conscious capitalism with the soul of business we are one step closer to achieving this.

Trust Ethics Values

Trusting relationships have been part of Lynne Brodie’s ethical nature as long as she can remember. She knows that trust is based upon honesty, integrity and high ethics.

For over three decades Lynne Brodie has been considered a Trusted Advisor to executives and businesses due to her high values, strong ethics and honest approach.

These values, in addition to offering an excellent return on investment in the services provided, are what you and your company deserve and will receive.

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