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Mission and Vision

We believe it all begins with YOU. The end result of being in your Flow Zone is a positive focus on people and planet first which generates purposeful profit that results in world good. LBI shifts internal culture to one of inner peace by tapping into the wisdom you were born with. This creates a ripple effect to transform you, your relationships, your teams, your mission, your company, your town, your state, your country, your continent, the World, and the Universe. World good leads to peaceful coexistence and it begins with your peaceful coexistence with your self and others. By blending conscious capitalism with the soul of business we are one step closer to achieving this. 

“Lynne, you rock! That 5 minute “energy boost” you gave me yesterday before I sat down to write my book gave me so much clarity and focus. I got really clear about the thing stopping me from going full throttle with writing. And it lasted over 2 hours. Thanks a million. 🙂”

Fabienne Fredrickson

Founder and Owner, Client Attraction Founder and Owner, Bold Heart

Lynne Brodie Strategic Visionary and Business Intuitive

Lynne Brodie is the founder of Lynne Brodie International a firm dedicated to shifting businesses to include addressing the most pressing concerns of society in their offers.  Lynne activates your full brain access to get you into your optimal Flow State so you and your business can up-level and expand into it’s truest meaning and purpose. 

Conscious Capitalism = Business for World Good.

Lynne’s 30+ years of experience and tenure have provided her with a constellation of skills that she puts to work for you and your organization. She teaches you what multi-million dollar companies know while helping you multiply intelligence, dramatically increase productivity, and bring your vision to the next level.

Known as one of the top strategic visionaries and business intuitives in the world she is a professional alchemist. Lynne combines her business acumen, with decades of ancient wisdom, proprietary energy techniques, spiritual awareness, mindfulness, neuroscience, quantum physics, bioenergetics and modern intellect.

Lynne unlocks the alchemy of YOU so you have more impact using less energy. She activates your flow state for full brain access in as little as 60 minutes and without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. This empowers leaders and their teams to get into their personal ‘flow’ and be ‘in the zone’ to fully access and lead from within to increase your triple bottom line.

She’s worked with thousands of clients worldwide in 6 continents including industry leaders and disruptors from companies like IBM, National Public Radio, Boston University, Cincinnati Symphony, Earthlink, NFL Player Benefits and countless others.

Lynne has over 3 decades of experience in information technology and with corporate executives for Fortune 500 companies in global sales of over $160 Million (including Verizon, AT&T, Oracle, and SAP). Her competencies in this arena include; leadership coaching, organizational development and strategy, team building, conflict management, core competencies, attraction, retention and succession planning that support 360, and corporate strategy assessments.

She has worked with the Federal Government, non-profits, Fortune 1000 industries of aerospace and defense, consumer goods, financials and insurance, healthcare, higher education, information technology, manufacturing, media, pharmaceuticals, real estate and transportation.

She has spoken at the United Nations Global Chiefs Conference and has over 20 years of speaking experiences including events, workshops, corporate breakout session and more. Other credentials include a BA in Psychology, International Coach Federation (ICF Credentialed Coach), Ascended Master Energy (levels above Reiki Master) and expert Energy Medicine facilitator.

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She offers agreements to activate Individual Flow, Interconnected Flow for Teams, or Intercultural Flow Retreats.

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