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World-renowned Strategic Visionary, and Business Intuitive Lynne Brodie unlocks your full brain access in as little as 60 minutes and without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. All services are customized to meet the needs of you and your team. They are specifically designed for disrupters, change agents, and top leaders in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies and beyond. Working with Lynne is known to enhance personal impact and stage presence, activate accelerated brain power to access innovative ideas and bring profits up (one client experienced a $1.4 million dollar increase in sales).

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Lynne Brodie, at the 2019 Conscious Capitalism Conference, discusses with Forbes rising corporate interest in mindfulness, and how she helps corporate teams, leaders and individuals “activate full brain access” for increased creativity, innovation, momentum and productivity as a tool to increase employee engagement by shifting corporate culture.

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Listen to Lynne and Blaine discuss what multi-million dollar companies know that helps multiply intelligence, dramatically increases productivity, and opens channels of innovation to grow your triple bottom line. Lynne, as a Conscious Capitalist advocate, discusses how mindfulness is your most progressive technology and that increasing leadership skills and employee engagement is a direct benefit and is at the heart and soul of business.

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How to Use Intuition to Solve World Problems

Listen to my interview on Conscious Millionaire Network, named by Inc Magazine as a Top 13 Business Podcast. JV Crum III and I talk about the power of Flow States to lead from within that makes an impact on you, your business and the world. Make sure you listen to the end for your listener challenge that will catapult you forward.

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Innovate New Products Using Your Flow Zone

In the podcast and video with the shows Host, Nicole Jansen, Lynne shares how she helps clients get into the flow states, some of the barriers to getting into your flow zone, and how she uses this progressive technology to guide entrepreneurs and corporations to invent new products and services that simultaneously serve their clients, support their employees, and solve world problems.

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Connected Women of Influence

The Revenue Driving Power of Effective Employee Engagement

Thought Leader, Lynne Brodie, presents to Connected Women of Influence a solution to solve the astoundingly low 15% worldwide employee engagement issue. This webinar walks you through the issues, why they exist and how to solve it within your corporate culture.



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