Individual Flow (IF):

When you are connected with YOUR internal FLOW, that’s where your highest genius comes from. This is what moves you from the state of possibility to your full potential. Individual Flow sessions are perfect for public figures, advanced entrepreneurs, and top leaders who are ready to push past your current plateau.

Your first step is stepping into your Individual Flow.

What you can expect:

▶ A private, one-to-one, highly confidential, customized session to activate your flow. Lynne Brodie unlocks the billions of bits of information stored in your subconscious that are usually unavailable to you. Simply put this proprietary process increases access to your greater intelligence, innovation, creativity, productivity, and personal motivation.

▶ Plan to be in a quiet space where there will be no interruptions and carve out at least one hour of personal reflection time after your session when possible. This time will be used to commune with the deepest wisdom of your soul, realign with your highest purpose, and tap into your greatest potential.

▶ Individual Flow sessions are facilitated onsite or remotely via telephone. Sessions are 60 minutes and can be scheduled weekly to maintain the activation of your Flow Zone.

*(Customized contracts are designed for corporate employees, high-level entrepreneurs, and public figures, to provide ongoing flow access).


Download the details about the benefits of Individual Flow.


To Activate Your Flow State for Full Brain Access

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