“There is an infinite field of energy that exists beyond our present concept of space and time, which unites all of us.”

~ Joe Dispenza, Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind


Custom Services to Activate Your Internal Flow and Full Brain Access

Services offered by Lynne Brodie International include Individual Flow Sessions, Team Flow Sessions, Flow Retreats and Speaking Events. All services are customized to meet the needs of you and your team. They are specifically designed for disrupters, change agents, and top leaders in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies and beyond.

World-renowned Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist Lynne Brodie unlocks your full brain access in as little as 60 minutes and without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. Lynne combines decades of ancient wisdom with proprietary energy techniques, spiritual awareness, neuroscience, quantum physics, and modern intellect. Her proprietary process activates personal ‘flow’ and puts you ‘in the zone’. Tapping into full brain access allows you to lead from within and increase your triple bottom line by reconnecting with the deepest wisdom of your soul.

Lynne has worked with thousands of clients worldwide in 6 continents including industry leaders from companies like Johnson & Johnson, AT&T, SAP America, Boston University, IBM, Verizon, Re-MAX, and countless others. Working with Lynne is known to enhance personal impact and stage presence, activate accelerated brain power to access innovative ideas, and bring profits up (one client experienced a 1.4 million dollar increase in sales).

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What IF the key to everything you ever wanted is inside of you?

It is and LBI offers confidential, customized services to activate your internal flow so you can grow personally, professionally and spiritually. Discover what multi-million dollar companies know that helps multiply intelligence, dramatically increase productivity, and open channels of innovation to grow your triple bottom line.

Listen to Lynne describe what it means to fire on all cylinders at once and be in Your Zone.

All offerings are customized to meet the needs of you and your team. Explore what’s possible here:

Individual Flow Sessions | Interconnected Flow For Teams| Intercultural Flow Retreats| Speaking Events