Global Healing Call

Join the LIVE global group energy calls from anywhere on the globe to heal, transform and grow.  Your participation is private between you and Spirit in the comfort of your home.  What could be easier!

Whether you want to heal your heart, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual body, know your purpose, shift and up-level your career, gain business and financial abundance, as a Master Energy Healer, Lynne opens the portal and provides to you pure Divine Source energy for you to do so.

The Universe responds to your vibration.  What is your vibration sending that is blocking your life’s desires and abundance?

On the first Tuesday of each month, pure Divine Source healing energy will be sent out around the globe to you for 30 minutes. These are LIVE calls where Lynne will guide you to shift your vibration for you to manifest your life’s desires.  Not a good time for you?  Recorded REPLAY’S will be sent after the calls.

The Global Healing call begins at 5PM PT/ 7PM CT/ 8PM ET

Come to the call with your prepared intention for yourself.
Hmmm…need and idea or suggestion to get you started?

Consider these intentions:

  • Heal physical, mental, emotional or spiritual pain
  • Create abundance is all areas of your life
  • Release writers block
  • Increase your community of friends
  • Gain business revenue

…You get the idea! Now it’s your turn to decide and manifest the life of your dreams.

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Release dark energy and blocks; heal physical and emotional blocks ~ Clients review

“My experience was so vivid. I highly recommend Lynne Brodie’s awesome gifts to help you release dark energy and unwanted blocks that are liberating. Lynne’s energetic field is so strong; she made it easy for me to connect even on the first session. I had an amazing and unique experience that will change my life forever. 


Some of the highlights of my session are listed below: 

  • 1st energy instillations: I felt tingly all over and felt a release in my chest, heart and stomach. I felt more at ease and the anxiety was gone.  I saw green colors and felt a release in my heart.
  • 2nd energy instillation: I felt tingly, much lighter and more grounded. I saw a white light where I could see things being released in layers off of me. I had a neck injury and now could no longer feel the pain of it. 
  • 3rd energy instillation: I saw many different colors, green, yellow, a darkness then white. In the darkness I felt like I was floating and releasing, then I saw the white light. My arms, hands, legs and feet were tingling.  It felt like something was stuck in my stomach (solar plexus area- self worth/personal power area) and then it released into the darkness. 

I can’t wait to work with Lynne again.” ~ Carmen, CA

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*Note: Energy work should not be used to substitute medical treatment.

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