Are you trying to get into the zone and find your flow? The Ancient Greeks called it “stealing fire” and it involved taking an elixir of a psychoactive drug. Some of the greats of our lifetime have tried using LSD to achieve this altered state.

I’m Lynne Brodie and I have a gift of opening the door to your flow. No drugs, no hypnosis, just your natural state of being. I’ll pass the torch to you. You’re in complete control. You’ll find that elusive place that resides within you to silence the chatter in your head; that inner critic. You’ll experience the feeling of timelessness escaping life’s rushed feeling. Your sudden understanding of what’s been out of your grasp is revealed all while effortlessly propelling you to your full strength, your inner genius and unlocking motivation.

You’re able to transmute that energy to inner genius or physical greatness you’ve only seen or felt glimpses of and hope to sustain into meeting top goals and achieve the amazing results you desire.

You now remember, and release your full essence of who you came here to be.


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