Introductory Offer Experience

YOUR Personal Invitation to Get into the Flow Zone

“Our only limitations are those we set up in our minds.” ~ Napolean Hill

Individual Flow Introductory Offer Experience

We’ve connected and I know:

  • You’re successful.

  • You’ve affected the masses in the most positive ways.

  • You want to tap into the next big expression of YOU.

  • You feel there’s more inside you and you’re ready to bring it forth.

  • You don’t want to plateau and you’re excited to get into YOUR flow.

This is your personal invitation to experience the Flow Zone. Being in your flow gives you direct access to the billions of hidden bits of information inside you. As a result, you tap into heightened genius, are a conduit for innovative ideas, and are poised to invent new products, and services.

Accessing the Flow Zone positions you as a top leader and leads to:

  • Increased earning potential and boosts in overall profit
  • Enhanced personal impact and stage presence
  • Accelerated brain power to access your best ideas

The Return on Investment is unbeatable!! Having Lynne on retainer month after month helped me generate a whopping $1.4 Million in sales! I highly recommend working with Lynne to increase your business.


Information Technology Sales Director- Fortune 1000 Tech Company

• Silence
• Confidence
• Clarity
• Focus on Demand
• Motivation
• Timelessness
• Sudden Understanding
• Deeper Inner Connection

• Focus
• Quicker Decisions
• Focus on Demand
• Faster Results
• Productivity and Faster Time to Market
• Effortless Agility to Course Correct
• Innovation, Creativity & Invention
• Achieve Personal Mastery

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Preparing for your Individual Flow Session

Here’s what you can do to prepare for our session:

  1. Click here to Listen to what it means to fire on all cylinders at once and be in Your Zone.
  2. Read the outline below to understand what to expect

What you can expect in your Individual Flow Session:

   A private, one-to-one, highly confidential, customized session to activate your flow.
We’ll unlock the billions of bits of information stored in your subconscious that are usually unavailable to you. Simply put, this proprietary process increases access to your greater intelligence, innovation, creativity, productivity, and personal motivation.
✔   Plan to be in a quiet space where there will be no interruptions and carve out at least one hour of personal reflection time after your session when possible. This time will be used to commune with the deepest wisdom of your soul, realign with your highest purpose, and tap into your greatest potential.
   Individual Flow introductory sessions are facilitated remotely via telephone. The session will be 60 minutes in length. Shortly after experiencing this powerful session, is the best time to choose which package supports your goals to maintain the activation of your Flow Zone. That program will continue what we started: to multiply your intelligence, dramatically increase productivity, and help you invent new products and/or services to increase your triple bottom line.

Let’s access to the billions of hidden bits of information inside you and get you into the Flow Zone!

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*Remember to ask about custom program choices to fulfill your internal mastery goals.

Achieving Peak Zones for Career Achievement

I sought Lynne Brodie’s expertise after feeling like I was stuck in recurring negative patterns. My goal was to better understand the situation – namely, what exactly was holding me back – and to learn how I was contributing to the issues I was facing. After working with Lynne for several months, I not only feel lighter emotionally, I feel more confident and powerful. I am building crucial skills to rise above what might be flowing against me in order to reach my peak zone – at work and in my personal life. Since we’ve started working together, colleagues have noticed a positive shift in the way I’m handling stress, and as a result, I have been asked to lead a mentoring initiative focused on stress reduction and achieving work/life balance. I’m grateful for Lynne’s patience and keen insights, as well as her relatable way of coaching me through some difficult situations. I highly recommend working with Lynne when you are ready to tap into the elusive parts inside you that you never could before.


College professor

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