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It’s important to know how to connect the dots so you’re more productive and profitable.

I often say to my clients “your contents inside are more powerful than you ever imagined.”

This is true. Think about the billion bits of information that your brain is waiting to access. The parts equal the whole and connecting your contents inside leads you to inner peace and greater productivity.

This is the elusive place where science meets mysticism and you reach an altered state known as ecstasis or The Flow Zone. Studies have shown being in this state boosts creativity by 200%, learning by 490%, and productivity by 500%.

So what does that mean to you and how can connecting the dots help you and your team be more productive?

The fragments inside of you, when scattered, keep you separated from your highest potential. When we bring it all together to merge the four elements of flow, we connect the dots of the contents inside by doing inner work.

Think of it this way… your team, your family, your community, your world is structured similarly to a constellation. Team members are much like stars. Individually they shine brightly. Together, when in full flow, teamwork, personally and professionally, creates a collaborative impact, much like a constellation.

The definition of a constellation is: An easily recognized group of stars that appear to be located close together in the sky and that form a picture when the lines connecting them are imagined.

As you learn to reveal what’s within, you’ll also connect those points to your family, your team, your community and the world while staying autonomous. This is how you come together to create a better world via awareness, connectedness and value to take personal action and create synergy.

Being in the flow is the state people thrive to reach to achieve peak performance and access advanced knowledge. When you understand this it reveals your purpose and empowers you to be a leader of leaders.

Once you’ve mastered Individual Flow, Interconnected Flow creates synergy and deepens team connection to achieve better results.

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Lynne Brodie

World-renowned Strategic Visionary, Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist Lynne Brodie unlocks your full brain access in as little as 60 minutes and without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. All services are customized to meet the needs of you and your team. They are specifically designed for disrupters, change agents, and top leaders in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies and beyond. Working with Lynne is known to enhance personal impact and stage presence, activate accelerated brain power to access innovative ideas, and bring profits up (one client experienced a $1.4 million dollar increase in sales).