Hi, I’m Lynne Brodie. I’ve helped leaders from top brands and corporations like you invent new products and services to generate multi-million dollar revenue streams because I understand what not only clients, but employees crave. I’ve also worked to transform cultures by working with leaders, employees and teams.

I’m a Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist with a B.A. in Psychology, an ICF credentialed Coach and decades of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and worked with clients on 6 continents.  I’ve been told I’m a constellation of all the right talents, abilities and skills intersecting to create the Rx your company needs.

So, lets continue the talk about the need to improve employee engagement.  In part 1 we discussed flipping your business model to conscious capitalism.

Now we turn to more of what corporations think is the answer to solving employee engagement: People Analytics.  While data can be very helpful and steer the way forward in many areas there is NO Big Data algorithm for the human spirit.

My work is collaborating with the human spirit by putting people into their Flow Zone. It’s the squishy subject some corporations shy away from unless they have great understanding and are advanced enough to realize this is where the answer lies.

Employees need to be able to trust a company with them.  This area is lacking and has created the trust crisis that attributes to an employees lack of caring and engagement worldwide. A Gallup poll ranks worldwide employee engagement at only a staggering 15%.

Trust is the single most important thing between human beings whether it is in your personal or business life.  It’s also the single thing that once broken cannot be repaired.  I knew this when I entered the workforce in 1985.  I worked hard at building client relationships. I let them know I would never break their trust. I’d not only say, but also mean it and I earned their trust and their business.

Decades later, this is still one of my key values and ethics. I know that trust is based upon honesty, integrity and high ethics. 

It’s an important cornerstone to company culture and your company culture is your brand.

Trust is also a key value of clients. Just look at the trust crisis of your data and information you are seeing almost daily in the news.

What company is betraying your trust today and how does it make you, as their client, feel?

The trust crisis, as discussed at Davos this year, is growing and needs to make a huge pivot quickly by corporations to mend relationships with their employees and their clients.

As Peter Drucker, management guru says, ‘culture eats strategy for lunch.’

‘The trust and faith we have in each other and also our higher purpose and calling, this is to me is the most important thing. Everything else will flow from that. If you put yourself above others, then you really are at odds wit the future.’- Marc Benioff, Salesforce Founder and co-CEO as interviewed by Klaus Schwab at Davos on The Fifth Industrial Revolution (5IR).

What is your company’s culture? What is your highest value?

So how does your corporation plan to earn employees trust?

What is the Soul of Your Business? Is it trust, success or money? 

It’s my honor and privilege to help you and your companies culture pivot to harness your genius, activate your flow and get you into the flow zone. That’s the special gift that has been given to me and that I offer to you and the world via Individual FlowInterconnected Team Flow, and Intercultural Flow Retreats.

Let’s activate your full brain access to create a trusting culture.  Schedule your Individual Flow Session today.

Continue to follow my blog series as we address the way forward to solving employee engagement.  It’s about how you intend to satisfy their soul and activate their flow. In part 3 of this series we’ll talk about Corporate Servancy and pivoting the culture to support it.

Lynne Brodie

World-renowned Strategic Visionary, Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist Lynne Brodie unlocks your full brain access in as little as 60 minutes and without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. All services are customized to meet the needs of you and your team. They are specifically designed for disrupters, change agents, and top leaders in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies and beyond. Working with Lynne is known to enhance personal impact and stage presence, activate accelerated brain power to access innovative ideas, and bring profits up (one client experienced a $1.4 million dollar increase in sales). https://lynnebrodie.com/