Hi, I’m Lynne Brodie. I’ve helped leaders from top brands and corporations like you invent new products and services to generate multi-million dollar revenue streams because I understand what not only clients, but employees crave. I’ve also worked to transform cultures by working with leaders, employees and teams.

I’m a Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist with a B.A. in Psychology, an ICF credentialed Coach and decades of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and worked with clients on 6 continents.  I’ve been told I’m a constellation of all the right talents, abilities and skills intersecting to create the Rx your company needs.

So, lets continue the talk about the need to improve employee engagement.  In part 1 we discussed flipping your business model to conscious capitalism. In part 2 we talked about why people analytics has no algorithm for the human spirit and in part 3 of the series, we addressed the Trust Crisis. In part 4, we talked about a Conscious Corporate Culture and The Soul of Business being about Trust, Ethics and Values.

Today, in part 5 of the series, we’ll discuss how companies forget why they hired that employee above all others.  It’s for that very reason you lost that employees mindshare.  It’s not too late to shift your culture before the tsunami is upon you.  How?  By Powering What’s Inside employees.

Steve Jobs knew a very important element to hiring, satisfying and retaining employees.  AND, that is…

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.’ – Steve Jobs 

When I was still in corporate I had a discussion with my Regional Vice President about this very concept. Companies go through an elaborate interviewing process to weed out the wheat from the chaff.  The best candidate is hired for what they uniquely bring to the table.

And then, something astonishing happens.

That employee’s unique genius is never tapped into again.  It’s shelved and the employee is left feeling undervalued and empty.  They are now a robot at XYZ company being told to act and think like everyone else. Huh? What happened to my unique abilities?  Well, they are still there, but no one knows how to tap into them.  Management is not taught the skills of nurturing and drawing out whom you are.  They are taught to delegate, to give direction to their teams to fulfill the elusive corporate plan only those at the top are privy to know.  The troops have no idea why they are doing things.  It’s no wonder what they produce doesn’t hit the bulls eye. They are aiming into the abyss. Productivity suffers.

When I was in corporate and given a task I always asked why I was doing it and what was the end goal.  Management found me challenging as I wasn’t just interested in being a robot. They thought I was trying to challenge them until I’d explain that if I understood what the end goal was I could deliver a stronger, more efficient result. They realized I was offering a more productive model to getting things done.

When companies include the employees special talents and ‘Power What’s Inside’ they quickly learn this model Power’s the Company too.

It seems such a simple principle to me, although I’m a business intuitive and have always been 6 steps down the road from most; in meetings, in projects, in productivity and in results.  Or just bored and they’d lose my mindshare until I left that company.

Being a Business Intuitive is one of my unique geniuses. I power what’s inside of me to show you the path forward and support you as a leader, your team and your company. 

If you’d like my assistance, please feel free to contact me to at lynne@lynnebrodie.com to discuss how we can work together.

It’s my honor and privilege to help you and your company culture pivot to harness your genius, activate your and teams peak state of flow and get you into the flow zone. That’s the special gift that has been given to me and that I offer to you and the world via Individual FlowInterconnected Team Flow, Intercultural Flow Retreats and the Brain Trust Society Think Tank.

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Continue to follow my blog series as we address the way forward to solving employee engagement.  It’s about how you intend to satisfy their soul and activate their flow.

Lynne Brodie

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