Hi, I’m Lynne Brodie. I’ve helped leaders from top brands and corporations like you invent new products and services to generate multi-million dollar revenue streams because I understand what not only clients, but employees crave. I’ve also worked to transform cultures by working with leaders, employees and teams.

I’m a Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist with a B.A. in Psychology, an ICF credentialed Coach and decades of experience working for Fortune 500 companies and worked with clients on 6 continents.  I’ve been told I’m a constellation of all the right talents, abilities and skills intersecting to create the Rx your company needs.

So, lets continue the talk about the need to improve employee engagement.  In part 1 we discussed flipping your business model to conscious capitalism. In part 2 we talked about why people analytics has no algorithm for the human spirit and in part 3 of the series, we addressed the Trust Crisis.

Today, in part 4 of the series, we’ll discuss why moving to a Corporate Culture of Conscious Capitalism is more advantageous to all stakeholders.You may be wondering what is conscious capitalism. You can click the link to the organizations page to learn more about it.  I attended their annual global conference last week and was very impressed by the large recognizable corporate names that attended, presented and practice the tenets below.

The Four Tenets of Conscious Capitalism, as stated on their website, are:

  1. Higher Purpose- Businesses should exist for reasons beyond just making a profit. “We need red blood cells to live (the same way a business needs profits to live), but the purpose of life is more than to make red blood cells (the same way the purpose of business is more than simply to generate profits).” – R. Edward Freedman, University of Virginia Darden School of Business professor.

Knowing WHY your business exists, provides you with a compass to find and stay focused on achieving your True North (Higher Purpose). Profit is a means to the end of purpose for conscious  businesses.

  1. Stakeholder Orientation- “When you tug at a single thing in nature, you find it attached to the rest of the world.” – John Muir, Pioneering naturalist.

Such is the case with business, which operates from an ecosystem of your employees, customers, suppliers, investors, society, and environment…sometimes this even includes your competition.

Conscious businesses value and care for EVERYONE in their ecosystem, motivating their stakeholders by creating “win-win-win” outcomes for all who are impacted by their business.

  1. Conscious Leadership– Conscious businesses cannot exist without Conscious Leaders. Conscious Leaders focus on “we,” rather than “me.”

They inspire positive transformation and bring out the best in those around them.

They keep the business focused on its Higher Purpose, and support the people within the organization to create value for all of the organization’s stakeholders.

They recognize the integral role of culture and purposefully cultivate a Conscious Culture of trust and care.

  1. Conscious Culture- Culture is the embodied values, principles and practices underlying the social fabric of a business, signaling “how” business is done.

The culture of your business is its heartbeat. Without a healthy one, the business will ultimately fail.

A Conscious Culture fosters love and care and builds trust between a company’s team members and its other stakeholders.

Conscious Culture also includes accountability, transparency, integrity, loyalty, egalitarianism, fairness, and personal growth, acting as an energizing and unifying force that truly brings a conscious business to life.

I’ve always felt business was meant for more than profits. They are uniquely positioned to ‘do good’ in the world due to their size, scope, scalability and geographically diverse employee population.  More and more the public demands corporations review themselves, their values, honesty and ethics.

What we’re wondering is…what does the Soul of Your Business look and feel like?  That’s what will determine its success moving forward.  Don’t think so?  How do you treat your clients and your employees? Are you kind to the planet and society?  Or does your product, services or database leaks damage people and/or the Earth?

These are the questions CEO’s are thinking about and if they can weather the impending storm of the possibility of the activism movement coming for them.

Can your company weather the storm?

Does the public, your clients and employees Trust you?

Do you show them by valuing them and by showing you have strong Values and Ethics?

It’s not too late to shift your culture before the tsunami is upon you.  How?  By Powering What’s Inside.  Learn how to Power What’s inside in next week’s part 5 of the series.

It’s my honor and privilege to help you and your company’s culture pivot to harness your genius, activate your flow and get you into the flow zone. That’s the special gift that has been given to me and that I offer to you and the world via Individual FlowInterconnected Team Flow, Intercultural Flow Retreats and the Brain Trust Society Think Tank.

Let’s activate your full brain access to create a trusting culture.  Schedule your Individual Flow Session today.

Continue to follow my blog series as we address the way forward to solving employee engagement.  It’s about how you intend to satisfy their soul and activate their flow.

Lynne Brodie

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