World Humanitarian Day: Do your products/services solve world problems? Solve simultaneously how to service clients, support employees AND solve world problems. A 4 pronged approach to corporate culture, employee engagement, motivation and innovation.

Hi, I’m Lynne Brodie, strategic visionary, business intuitive, and flow state expert, where I get you into your genius zone, firing on all cylinders at once all the time. Really powerful stuff. I know you’ve seen fleeting moments of it where you’ve been in a meeting or you’ve given a presentation and you’re like, “Wow, I was just so on all the time.” But most people don’t how they got there to begin with, never mind replicate it. I’m someone that puts you into that zone state and that flow state all the time so that you can tap into your inner genius zone, where you can multiply your intelligence, where your creativity, your innovation and your invention lies.

Speaking of inventions, part of my expertise in combining together my 28 years in information technology, working for Fortune 20 companies and Global 100 companies, I’m an ICF credential coach and intuitive and work with quantum physics to blend it all together to help you and your company invent new products and services that simultaneously serve your clients, support your employees, and solve world problems. I know. Wow. People are like, “That’s powerful.”

So what are you doing to solve world problems? How has your company’s products and services simultaneously doing all of that so that you can engage your employees more, so that you can have a brand that people look to because they know that you have social impact and that you’re doing business for good? This way your CEO, if you’re the CEO listening, you don’t have to stay up at night wondering when the activists are going to come for you because you’re already doing the right thing, and people want to work with companies that are doing the right thing. They want to work for companies that are doing the right thing, and they want to buy from companies that do the right thing. So what is it that you are doing?

Businesses are uniquely positioned in size and scale and scope and geographic diversity to have a huge impact on the world. Is your brand known for having a huge impact on the world and solving world problems? People ask me when I tell them what it is that I do, and that’s a part of what I do. The flow zone can be used for many things. It’s got limitless potential. Before you go onstage speaking, I help close your top 10 sales opportunities, a multitude of things, a multitude of things. You can call me and ask me and can talk about it. It has limitless potential, like I said.

So people ask me, they’re like, “Well, what do you mean by a product or service that simultaneously does all of those things, serves clients, supports employees and solves world problems?” And so I tell them, while I’ve worked with clients, thousands all over the globe on six continents, I’m going to give you an example. Now, they weren’t my client and I didn’t help them invent this, but it’s a good example of what it is that we mean when I say that. So Tom’s shoes. If you haven’t heard of them, look them up. Tom’s shoes has a business model. They sell shoes and when you purchase shoes from them they give a pair of shoes to the barefoot of the world. So see? Their product is serving their clients. It’s solving a world problem, and the Gen Z and Millennials of today love working for them because of the social impact that they have, that they’re a conscious capitalism company that’s following that kind of model.

Are you following that model? If you’re not and you want to know how to get there, I can certainly help you to do so. You can call me personally at 707-867-1157, or you can email me at, or you can look on my website to get some interesting ideas and look at some of the things that I help with.

I’d love to be able to help you to change your model to one of conscious capitalism, to invent a new product and service, to simultaneously serve your clients, support your employees, and get more employee engagement and solve world problems. I also use the flow zone to interconnect the flow of teams, to take the politics out of teams so that you can get to market sooner. Like I said, limitless potential.

Thanks for watching. I hope you have a great day, and I look forward to talking with you.

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Lynne Brodie

World-renowned Strategic Visionary, Business Intuitive and Professional Alchemist Lynne Brodie unlocks your full brain access in as little as 60 minutes and without mind altering substances or psychoactive drugs. All services are customized to meet the needs of you and your team. They are specifically designed for disrupters, change agents, and top leaders in Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 companies and beyond. Working with Lynne is known to enhance personal impact and stage presence, activate accelerated brain power to access innovative ideas, and bring profits up (one client experienced a $1.4 million dollar increase in sales).